Walk-in customer leaves Denver hair stylist a $2,500 tip for a cut before leaving another $3,300 for staff at the salon after it was closed for nearly two months because of COVID-19

People helping other people is one of the true silver linings of this pandemic. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8319859/Customer-leaves-Denver-hair-stylist-2-500-tip-cut-3-300-rest-staff.html

Krispy Kreme to honor 2020 seniors with free ‘Graduate Dozen’ doughnuts

Graduates deserve a treat. Get them while they’re hot! https://www.clickorlando.com/features/2020/05/12/krispy-kreme-to-honor-2020-seniors-with-free-graduate-dozen-doughnuts/

English Premiere League Allowed to Restart in June Without Fans Amid COVID-19

The next phase of sports is live action with empty stadiums. We shall see if and…

Teacher Cares for Student’s Newborn Brother While Their Mother Recovers from Coronavirus

People helping each other during difficult times is what this website is all about. https://people.com/human-interest/teacher-cares-for-students-baby-brother-while-mother-recovers-from-coronavirus/

Florida animal shelter celebrates emptying a kennel for the first time ever

This is an unforeseen positive effect of the coronavirus. People are adopting pets during the pandemic.…

Flight attendants offer kindness to solo passenger visiting dying mother

Flying doesn’t make sense at all right now but this is still an interesting story. Please…

Grilling is a perfect reason to be outside. Here are the most popular grills out there.


Rihanna Donates Much-Needed Safety Gear to New York Hospitals